More efficient management for E-CO Energi with Flow

Eco Energi uses Flow

Photo:ECO Energi

E-CO Energi is one of Norway’s leading energy groups. Its core operations consist of owning, operating and developing hydroelectric power stations, as well as business development. The group is Norway’s second largest hydroelectric power producer, meeting the energy needs of around 500,000 households. E-CO Energi is a new customer of Novacura Norway.

The individual tasks were previously carried out by computer, and employees working in the field had to use a computer, call or send a text to their maintenance manager to report completed work. But E-CO Energi will shortly begin working with Novacura Flow instead, bringing many new opportunities.

“Dealing with our work will be faster and simpler when we no longer need to use computers,” says Knut Ivar Vestli, a systems engineer at E-CO Energi. “Our processes can also be tailored much better than with IFS, which involves lots of shortcuts and forms.”

Why did you choose Novacura?
“Flow performed very well during the demonstration and seems dynamic in relation to various processes in other systems.”
E-CO Energi will use Flow for simple stages in IFS, and may also decide to use it in other systems following an evaluation of the initial period.

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