Sogn og Fjordane Energi invests in expanded mobile business support

In order to be able to maximize the opportunities offered by its business support system, Sogn og Fjordane Energi is investing in expanded use of mobile devices with the new Flow 6.

Sogn og Fjordane Energi, SFE, is the largest energy supplier in the Norwegian county of Sogn og Fjordane. With extensive production of renewable energy, SFE is a major player on the Norwegian electricity market. The company is responsible for over 4000 km of electrical grid, and provides electricity to households and companies throughout Norway.

When the company recently decided to take its business system to the next level, it chose Novacura as its partner.
“Novacura was one of the relevant suppliers, and we had previous experience of them when we were working with Flow 5,” says Marte Haugsbakk, project manager at SFE.
With the help of the new solution in Flow 6, SFE will be able to work in a more mobile way. This is something that goes hand in hand with its vision, power to influence the future.

Using mobile phones and tablets, the company can now expand its use of, and the opportunities presented by, its business system. The benefit from Novacura Flow is obvious.
“I regard the configuration and flexibility as major benefits. I also believe that Flow can become an important part of our system in the long term, something we can increasingly use to create simple interfaces.”

Sogn o Fjordane technician at work

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